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    We believe in having a journey
    of business growth with our clients.

    Which is why we focus on the monthly coaching and mentorship to assist
    the business owner reach their goals and dreams.

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    All businesses are at a certain
    stage of growth.

    We help business owners become aware of the stage of growth their business is in which
    allows them to implement the right strategy at the right time.

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    Avoid spending time and resources
    in the wrong areas.

    Businesses have limited resources, the strategies we offer allows the business to utilize their
    limited resources effectively in the right areas.

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    Growing a business shouldn't be such
    a complicated & strenuous attempt.

    Our methodology of “The Cycle of Business Success” unpacks for the business owner how a
    business should flow in order for it to grow.

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    There are numerous business funders
    available in the country.

    Yet many businesses are not rectifying their internal operations in order to
    access the funds that they need.

Cimla Consulting (PTY) LTD is a Business Growth Consulting Firm providing Coaching and Consulting services to SMMEs and entrepreneurs.

We achieve this by developing SMMEs through providing innovative solutions, creating strategic business relationships and providing expert consulting services. Cimla Consulting utilizes different methodologies in coaching and consulting SMMEs and entrepreneurs. When engaging our clients we employ methodologies such as the Business Growth Processes which is based on the 7 stages of business growth.

We nurture our clients by simplifying and optimizing their day to day activities, business operations and strategic goals. This ensures that our clients will develop from one phase to the next.


  • Business Development is not a once-off interact ion but a journey of ensuring that a business moves from being dependent to being independent & interdependent. We strive to ensure that our interact ion with our clients last for a long time and become rewarding relationships.


  • To be at the forefront at enabling SMMEs and Entrepreneurs to grow from one level to another.